Customer Testimonials

Mayank Jhadi, Dehradun

“I want to thank you for everything you did for me in the interviewing and hiring process. …Thank you for the support, encouragement and coaching you gave me. It meant so much to know that you also felt I was qualified for the position and passed that confidence on to the “company”. I recognize that without you, this tremendous opportunity would not have happened. I also would like to thank you for arranging meetings with real estate agents. This has made our community research and house hunting efforts go much smoother.”

Rohit Ahirwar, Gwalior

I find that the "Team RoboStore.India" is a group of intelligent and hardworking members with great zeal to ignite a flame in the field of engineering beyond theoretical knowledge. The team which means Total Efforts of All Men has created a technical atmosphere. It disseminates knowledge and skill in the field of robotics among students of engineering on a regular basis. I wish the team a great success in future endeavour.

Nikhil Shrivas, Jaipur

Its an awesome experience of mine to see RoboStore.India as a team of sincere, hardworking and dedicated members with a great desire and flare to share their knowledge with young budding engineers in the field of Electronics Engineering. You people are real artist in the field of Robotics Engineering. I wish you grand gala success in all your future endeavors.

Pankaj W, Mumbai

As per my knowledge RoboStore.India Is a group of highly technical persons who have shown that in the field of electronics other than theory also, one can make their career in the field of Robotics. Work of team is motivating other students those who are in the process of getting good practical knowledge in the field of electronics. Knowledge delivered by this team is highly technical. I personally appreciate the work of this team.

Suteerth Tripathi, Jabalpur

You are an honest, dedicated and hard working team making efforts to enhance upcoming engineers. Best wishes to Team RoboStore.India and specially to Arpit for initiating this kind of institute and managing it with responsibility in favor of students.

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